27 April 2014


A picture speaks a thousand words. The energy and friendliness atmosphere shown during the Media Conference at Sri Perdana Putrajaya this afternoon between Obama-Najib carries a clear message of a strong bondage between Malaysia-US although there are attempts by some to create negative perception on the warm ties between the two countries. This picture will cause nightmare to some Mr. President!

Salam 2 all.

Somehow or rather, the feeling of pride filled the atmosphere of Malaysia when finally Air-Force One, carrying the ever popular 44th President of United States of America touched down on the dot at 1655hrs Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Subang Airforce Base.

The last visit by a serving US President was by President Lyndon B. Johnson who came in 1966 in the midst of Vietnam War. His visit was commemorated by the naming of one Felda settlement in Negeri Sembilan after his name - Gugusan FELDA L.B. Johnson.

After a 48 years lapsed, President Barack Hussein Obama came with the mighty Boeing 747 known as Airforce One, one of the few legally recognised flying-state.

We Malaysian really feel at home with Obama since he was brought up in Indonesia, has a Muslim father and Muslim siblings still living in Indonesia. In fact, Malaysian Islamic Arts Museum show-case Obama's mother batek sarong in an exhition two years ago.

So when Obama said Selamat Datang & Terima kasih, we Malaysian were electrified, since his pronounciation is next to perfect Malay-toungue. This would put to shame those claiming to be Malaysian but could hardly speak bahasa Melayu properly!

In his State Dinner address last night hosted by His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah, President Obama passed one remark which I think worth commenting. He said, it is his hope that we continue living in dignity and in peace.

This is no ordinary comment. President Obama is very much aware that we have a Chief of Opposition who has been convicted of sodomy. He knows very well that if in the western country practicing dignified democracy, such a conviction would lead to voluntary resignation of the culprit. But alas, in Malaysia Bolehland, a convict can continue being head of Opposition. In fact President Obama is very much aware that there are few convicts within the Malaysian Opposition, some even made it to be Yang Berhormat!

That's why I think President Obama passed that remark - he hope we can lead a dignified life! How can we continue living in dignity if we have a convicted criminal leading our Opposition; and convicted of sodomy of all offences! And we have convicted criminals within our YBs community. The only way for us to fulfil Obama's hope is to get rid of this menace of democracy once and for all.

And again Obama emphasised not only his hope that we live in dignity, he also wish we will continue living in peace. And how can we live in peace if there are people out there making mockery of democracy by planning to organize illegal demonstration opposing the implementation of GST. Obama must be wondering what the heck are this people up to as not only the US, but hundreds of other successful western democracy has implemented GST without so much ado!

And President Obama showed by example how we can continue living in peace if we understand each other better and tolerate each others rights.

Obama's visit this morning to Masjid Negara is such a shining example. It is a Sunday morning, a day when people of Christian's faith attended their weekly Sunday masses. President Obama is a christian!

But he chosed to visit Masjid Negara, the national mosque of Malaysia on this auspicious Sunday morning. Not only that, he took off his shoes and walked around and inside the mosque like any other Muslim would do. Such is a respect he gave to the Mosque on a very bright Sunday morning.

I hope no anti-religion bigotries will criticize President Obama for this historic visit to the National Mosque on a sunny Sunday morning!

I was watching the live-telecast of the media conference this afternoon. Some how or rather, I did expect the question on Anwar Ibrahim will arise. Especially when I saw some foreign and US based press-corp in the hall.

When the CBS reporter stood up to ask his question, and that being the last question, my heart was pumping. Yes, this man would do that job.

And yes he did. He asked both President Obama about one Mr Ibrahim, and questioned whether Obama raised this issue during bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Najib.

Obama's answer was very dignified and statesmen-like. He said that he has always been concern about the upholding of the rule of law and right to heard, and in Mr. Ibrahim's case he hope due process of law is given to him. Obama didn't touch the issue from the human rights or democracy angle; he answered it from the rule of law's point of view.

I think the State's Dept has well briefed President Obama of the nature of Anwar's case. And that is exactly what it is - a due process of law.

And that is exactly what Prime Minister Najib said. As far as Malaysian Government is concerned, it is not a case between the Government and Anwar. It is a case between two individuals, a report lodged by Anwar's own staff that he was sodomised by his paymaster!

It is not only Anwar who must be accorded justice and the due process of law, but even the victim should be given his right to justice and the due process of law. The victim has every right to justice just like the accused, and the government cannot be seen to be applying two different set of laws - one set of laws to the big man and another set of laws to the small man.

Justice and due process of law must be equally applied! Such is the firm answer from the Prime Minister Najib in front of the world audience. And I hope this will put the matter to rest once and for all!

The calmness and confidence of Mr. Najib in responding to such a provocative question shows the maturity of the Prime Minister. Not like some people who when asked provocative question would be quick to show a hostile finger-pointing and threat of suing such person daring to asked such provocative question.

And President Obama, in his respond to question relating to the Search & Rescue effort on MH370 has this to say - it will take time, it may be months or years before it can be resolved.

Surely President Obama must have known that there are idiots out there who claim they can solve the MH370 missing-in-action mystery within seconds!

And those idiots must be running with their tail in-between their legs hearing such an honest and dignified answer from the leader of a super-power who has every state-of-the-art technology available to him; and yet said unequivocally that the MH370 SAR effort will take a long time to be solved!

Mr. President, we Malaysian are proud to have you on board. We welcome your visit with open arm. And we say ahlan wasahlan yamarhaban - meaning we welcome you as our family.

We hope you will have a good time in Malaysia despite your hectic schedule. I was on the way to office just now when I saw The Beast ferrying you and your entourage. Although we have to endure a heavy traffic jam, but we do so with pride because we know you are here as a friend.

Selamat datang Tuan President, enjoy your stay in Malaysia!

Adios amigos, grasias.

Zulkifli Bin Noordin
Sunday / Ahad
28 Jamadil Akhir 1435
28 April 2014

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