03 September 2010


Salam 2 all.

Bagi yang mengenal DAP dengan mendalam sudah pasti akan dapat melihat bahawa ianya hanya parti anak & bapak sahaja. Orang lain semua kira kaki tempel je. Mereka yang pembodek & "toe the line" pak-anak niakan dianggap kroni dan pasti akan selamat.Dan siapa yang dianggap boleh mengancam kedudukan mereka atau juak-juak mereka, kira sayonara lah yop.

Artikel yang diperturunkan dibawah ini adalah analisa dan kupasan seorang veteran dalam DAP, yang pernah melihat si anak membesar dari pakai "pampers" sehingga menjadi "the pampered". Semoga analisa YB Wee Choo Keong, mantan Ketua Penerangan DAP Pusat yang dipecat tahun 1995 kerana "not showing enough affection to party leaders" ini akan menjadi pembuka mata kepada rakan-rakan sebantal Daddy Anak Party ini.

Adios amigos, grasias.

Zulkifli Bin Noordin
23 Ramadhan 1431
02 Sept 2010


YB Wee Choo Keong

Exposing the 2-faced DAP supreme leaders that serve only the dynastic sdn bhd’s interest

Should it have escaped most of you so far, make no mistake the DAP party has been existing and still exists like a private business. A dynastic one that is to be served at all cost and its survival is all that matters.

All the while when the DAP Supreme Leaders messed things up against an accepted universal value like contravention of Rules of Natural Justice they will always switch mode to frantically cover things up or sweep their problems under the carpet. The DAP Supremos also believe that their acquired skill at diverting public attention will always bail them out and that the voters are easily duped and will forget in time.

The sacking of Tee Boon Hock (TBH) reeks of conspiracy and intrigue of the most repulsive kind that perhaps would even have escaped the internationally famous author for suspense, John Grisham, who periodically pens best-selling thrillers one after another.

What is most weird in this case is the fact TBH was dismissed on 11 August 2010 through a press conference and the actual dismissal letter from the Menteri Besar of Selangor himself (which should have rightfully being the duty of the Yang DiPertua of Majlis Perbandaran Klang) was only issued to him dated 30 August 2010. 19 DAYS AFTER THE FACT?! What utter rubbish is this, you tell me???!!!

Here is an extract of the said letter which I managed to get hold of from a reliable source in SUK and below is the content thereof …


Perkara di atas adalah dirujuk dan berkenaan.

2.         Berhubung dengan isu penyalagunaan surat rasmi Ahli Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri yang dikaitkan dengan pihak tuan, Majlis Mesyuarat kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) bil. 29/20101 telah diadakan pada 11 ogos 2010 dan diputuskan:

i.          Terdapat asas yang munasabah wujud penyalagunaan surat rasmi hingga membawa kepada penyalagunaan kuasa;

ii.         Perkhidmatan tuan sebagai Ahli Majlis, Majlis Perbandaran Klang (MPK) ditamatkan berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

3.         Kerajaan Negeri mengambil kesempatan ini munguapkan terima kasih ke atas perkhidmatan yang telah tuan laksanakan sebagai Ahli Majlis MPK dan segala usaha tuan membantu Kerajaan Negeri demi meningkatkan mutu pentadbiran Kerajaan Tempatan.

Sekian, Terima Kasih


Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim

TBH, with regard to the now infamous Selangor councillor “letterhead scandal,” in the larger scheme of things is more expendable. The real culprit, though constantly being whispered in corridors by Daddy and Anak as a “walking disaster”, is to be protected (ahem, at least for now) for the preservation of the dynastic self-interest. If I have not been misinformed, I was told the Selangor sand scandal is also somehow connected with the temporarily blue-eyed-one and once all the dots are joined one will see where the money trail ends up. Ironically, I think, it was YB Jeff Ooi who has the penchant to urge his readers in some of his blog posts when exposing corporate wrong doings to always “follow the money.” Speaking of the ‘devil,’ so to speak, he has been strangely unusually quiet and inactive, even in his blog, these days, is it not? I wonder why.

Anyway TBH is to be wasted and nothing is to be spared for the final kill. Even when the real culprit was the one who had personally passed on the information to one of the MSM newspapers that underground “taikos” constantly hold meetings at the Selangor Executive Councillor’s office somehow fingers were mysteriously guided to point towards TBH’s direction. The initial “kill” was launched without even a mere suspicion from TBH as to who the schemer was. In retrospect, TBH was a sitting dead duck all along and he didn’t even know it. Poor man! (It’s like this Chinese saying: died and don’t even know the reason why!)

Supreme leaders of DAP, where are your clamors against injustice which you are so famous for? When are you going to launch a mass public campaign for “Justice for TBH-2!” which you were so ardent about and good at with “Justice for TBH-1 (Teoh Beng Hock)”? As you are well aware, TBH’s dismissal from DAP as well as an executive councillor of Selangor state are violations of the Rules of Natural Justice. Which is universally held in high esteem! Come on, don’t sit on your moral high horse and do nothing! Don’t be hypocrits and two-faced!

Why no calls for Royal Commissions that you are infamous for to be carried out for TBH’s sake. Why no Reformasi? Why not even a whimper in public of doing the right thing and coming to his defence?

Ah, I forget, the DAP that the supreme leaders project in public is not the same DAP in private, especially when it comes to the Daddy Anak Party sdn bhd.

Like I said before, politics of expediency is diametrically opposed to riding on moral high horses. Quit the sham. Quit the hypocrisy. Just quit the scene and stop making fools out of the Malaysian public whom you mistakenly take them for idiots!

Really, now is the most opportune moment for the nation to demand for a campaign for Justice for TBH-2! if the DAP supreme leaders do not have the sincerity, gumption or gonads!

To be continued … Part 2 “Why such a campaign should be launched!

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