26 April 2010


Salam 2 all.

Saya lampirkan dibawah kenyataan YB Wee Choo Keong (PKR-Wangsa Maju) yang menunjukkan betapa rendahnya tahap etika kewartawanan MalaysiaKini yang nampaknya makin kuno cara lapurannya.

Saya percaya sudah tiba masanya pihak berkuasa melakukan siasatan menyeluruh keatas media portal ini termasuk apakah mereka dibiaya kumpulan tertentu untuk mereka-reka lapuran palsu mengenai YB Wee ini. Kita juga mahu siasatan dibuat siapa yang mengupah mereka ini untuk mereka lapuran palsu saperti yang ditegaskan oleh YB Wee. Saya percaya pihak berkuasa tidak perlu khuatir untuk mengambil tindakan tegas terhadap pemilik serta editor dan wartawan-wartawan serta penulis kolum di MalaysiaKini yang akhir-akhir ini bertindak seolah-olah mereka golomgan yang "untouchables"-kononnya mereka tidak boleh disentuh.

Saya tahu nanti akan ada pihak tertentu akan melalak kesana-kemari mendakwa pihak berkuasa bertindak menghalang kebebasan bersuara. Tapi ini bukan soal kebebasan bersuara; ini soal kebenaran dan maruah kewartawanan. Kita tidak mahu dilihat sebagai negara yang membenarkan kilang fitnah bercambah tanpa kawalan. Saya menyeru pihak berkuasa jangan khuatir dengan salakan kebebasan mereka, tetapi utamakan keharmonian dan keselamatan rakyat negara ini.


Zulkifli Bin Noordin
11 Jamadil Awal 1431
26 April 2010

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Press Release by Wee Choo Keong, MP for Wangsa Maju, on 22 April 2010, at Parliament House.


Malaysiakini wilfully lied to and led by nose to report off-target news and yet not any wiser!

The sad part about this news portal is that it had been continuously being made used of and has still not awoken to the fact. Or perhaps it has, unwittingly or wittingly, lost complete semblance of its independence and degenerated into doing dirty work for others.

The truth is I have been ignoring a series of reports in this news portals (and others) where it had made at least 4 false allegations that I was supposed to have resigned from PKR on various occasions. It had been missing the targets so many times that its reporting has become a joke and laughing stock for its readers.

Here’s the chronology.

Initially, I was supposed to have resigned soon after the resignation of the three MPs – namely YB Zaharain, YB Tan Tee Beng and YB Mohsin – and then followed by after the resignation of Adun YB Tan Wei Shu in Kedah. When these wild allegations were proven to be completely false, new wild allegations surfaced in the news portal that I was supposed to have resigned on Nomination Day for the by-election of the Hulu Selangor Constituency.

Well, in order to give its reporting credibility, the news portal said that the false allegations were strictly based on sources from within PKR. I have reasons to believe that the false allegations were fed by a few “little napoleons” with the predominant aim to damage my reputation and/or force me out of the party.

More, when the DPM revealed on the night of 19 April 2010 in Hulu Selangor that on 20 April 2010 another top PKR leader will announce his resignation from PKR, on the same night, the certain news portal started to spin and churn out baseless “news” giving the impression that I was the PKR leader who will be resigning. Many reporters also were immediately fed with the same false information by the “little napoleons” that I was the PKR leader that the DPM was referring to.

However at 11:00 am on 20 April 2010 at Hilton Hotel, it was Dr Halili Rahmat who held a press conference and announced his resignation from PKR due mainly to the reason that PKR has lost its original objective to fight for justice, etc. Obviously the “little napoleons” were very disappointed and dissatisfied with their failed political agenda and dirty tactics because I did not resign from PKR.

The lies and madness continue. Immediately after the press conference by Dr Halili on 20 April 2010, many reporters from the msm and news portal were fed with so-called  “new information” by the “little napoleons” that I will be holding a press conference on the same day (20 April 2010) at 2:30 pm in Hulu Selangor to announce my resignation from PKR. Again the “little napoleons” were wrong and proven to have been feeding false information to reporters. I would have thought that the reporters and the editors of Malaysiakini would have become wiser and be a good judge of the characters of these “little napoleons” and ignore these boys who continue to cry wolf!  But, alas, it’s not to be.

Now, for the latest joke and miss-reporting. Yesterday (21 April 2010), a reporter by the name of En Hazlan Zakaria, had mischievously wrote a news report entitled: “Paling tadah? MP Wangsa Maju membisu.” The blatant lie was, of course, published in Malaysiakini. For the record, on 20 April 2010 evening I was merely having a casual conversation with three reporters and En Hazlan Zakaria was definitely not one of the three. He was never present.

Furthermore, the said casual conversation took place in the MP Lounge and not in the Parliament Lobby as reported by him in Malaysiakini. Since he was not present during the said conversation, he obviously had to make a wild guess, a totally irresponsible poor try to be credible. This irresponsibility and dodgery was similar to the Malaysiakini report about my Washington trip in March 2010 when the only reporter present to cover the CSIS Forum was a Malaysiakini reporter but the news portal did not publish the event. It was, however, published as a scoop by another portal! A day or two later, a desperate attempt at being caught flat-footed probably, almost the same content of the report by the said portal was regurgitated and reproduced by Malaysiakini minus the parts on character assassination, for obvious reasons. A lackey will do what a lackey does.

In this “Paling tadah” report, this reporter saw it fit to state “Ahli parlimen Kapar, S Manikavasagam pada ceramah di Ampang Pecah semalam menaikkan kemarahan ahli-ahli PKR apabila beliau menimbulkan spekulasi bahawa seorang lagi MP parti itu akan berpaling tadah.”

Last night, when I checked with YB Manikavasagam about this particular quote in the said report, he categorically denied having said in the ceramah in Ampang “bahawa seorang lagi MP parti akan berpaling tadah.” However, YB S Manikavasagam did say in the same ceramah that all MPs have the right to resign from the party, including himself, if the MPs feel that they no longer share the same directions of the party.

Immediately after this particular quote from YB S Manikavasagam, the said reporter and/or Malaysiakini jumped at the opportunity and tried very hard to cause maximum damage by publishing a totally new wild allegation against me. In the last 4 paragraphs of the said report, the said reporter and Malaysiakini disgustingly latched on to the remark and quickly launched another dirty mission by manufacturing the said new allegation and crediting it with phrases such as “Menurut sumber” and “Kata sumber itu.”

Further, in the last two paragarphs, Malaysiakini published the following:

“Wee akan diperhatikan dengan teliti oleh rakan-rakannya dalam Pakatan Rakyat apabila BN dijangka akan membentangkan usul di Dewan Rakyat bagi mengheret Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ke Jawatankuasa Hak dan Kebebasan, Khamis ini.

Jika Wee berucap menentang parti dan juga ketua umumnya, beliau pastinya akan dipecat dan tidak perlu bertindak melompat keluar PKR.”

It had been established that there would only be four speakers from the opposition and four from BN to debate on the motion to refer YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the Rights and Privileges Select Committee. I am certain that the group of “little napoleons” would definitely not select me to be one of the four speakers. For the record, I was not commanded to speak on this motion by the “little napoleons.” Therefore, there was no need whatsoever for the group of “little napoleons” in the PR to watch over me during the debate. The group should have rather watched themselves and controlled their immature behaviour so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassment to other reputable PKR MPs.

I would have thought that after having the knowledge and experience of several deceits and false information through the internet pertaining to the said allegations, the editors of Malaysiakini would have had known or ought to have had known of the integrity of their so-called “source” (SUMBER). Far too often their “source” had been terribly unreliable and feeding them untruths to achieve certain political agenda.

Bearing in mind the above, I really am surprised that the editors of Malaysiakini would still continue to see it fit to allow reports of such serious nature to be published based on fodder from their source.

To the editors of Malaysiakini …

I challenge your professionalism, which would have dictated that in order for the news portal to publish such serious allegations as featured in the last 4 paragraphs of the said report, that you would have had insisted on the name or names of the “little napoleons” who had provided the so-called “information.”

Malaysiakini should wake up and not continue to be made a fool of by irresponsible and insecure persons.

Wee Choo Keong


jeebond said...

YB.. Macam mana pulak dengan etika wartawan utusan malaysia? Beretika sangatkah mereka ?

Mohamed said...

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera semua.

Saya sokong cadangan YB meminta kerajaan bertindak setegasnya ke atas kilang2 fitnah.

Dlm aspek ini saya terpaksa bersetuju dgn langkah yg diambil oleh pemerintah Singapura dlm menangani segala fitnah iaitu saman/sue pihak yg bertanggungjawab sehabisnya (kaw2).

Kalau dah ada seekor jin fitnah yg kena sue jutaan RM harap jin yg lain tobat nasuha. Yg saya takutkan isu ini akan dipolitikkan dgn menuduh kerajaan menghalang kebebasan bersuara.

Di sini ingin saya tekankan bahawa hak majoriti utk mendapatkan berita & informasi yg betul lagi tepat terletak di tempat tertinggi mengatasi populariti mahupun agenda pihak tertentu.

Wartawan dari mana pihak sekalipun harus bertanggungjawab bukan berselindung di sebalik hak melindungi pemberi maklumat seperti yg dilakukan oleh RPK.

Kononnya nak menjadi hero melindungi pemberi maklumat. Entah2 takde pun pemberi maklumat. sendiri reka tapi tak berani bertanggungjawab, pastu nak tunjuk hero.

YB seorang peguam tentu lebih fasih dlm undeng2 so fikirkan sesuatu langkah bijak utk menyelesaikan masaelah ini. Bentangkan di parlimen. Kumpul bijak pandai, NGO utk bersatu menentang jin2 ni. Saya tahu bahwa bukan mudah mahupun murah proses membawa jin2 ini ke muka keadilan. Moga2 Allah memberi hidayahNya.

Susah nak mengharap kerajaan tegas dgn jin2 fitnah. Apa pun akan dipolitikkan.

Kadang2 lebih baik buat secara civil suit ie individu saman kaw2 jin fitnah ni.


Pak Tam said...

Jika Utusan Malaysia juga jadi kilang fitnah, tindakan yang sama juga diambil. Tapi yg banyak provokasi dan fitnah bukan UM tetapi Malaysiakini spt dikatakan oleh YB Zul.

adey said...

salam yb zul dan semua

saya bersetuju sangat la supaya apa2 juga portal yang mereka-reka laporan palsu perlu lah disiasat dan diambil tindakan sewajarnya. bukan sahaja portal tetapi akhbar2 utama dan juga berita di saluran utama tv di malaysia pun patut dari dulu lagi disiasat berita yg mereka paparkan betul ataupun tidak atau hanya rekaan sahaja kerana semata-mata hendak menjaga kepentingan, nama dan ingin mendapat sokongan pihak tertentu.


benn said...

Huh.. double standard statement.

Shairon said...

Salam,betul tu mane2 berita yang dirasakan fitnah,saman lah mereka..bukan setakan malaysiakini je,Utusan,B Harian,kosmo,harakah..

kene tau beza memanipulasi berita dengan memalsu berita..

Saudara Mohamed,jangan lah kau samekan kerajaan Singapura dan Malaysia ni,di sana Rakyat mereka terjaga,korup takde,kroni tak ade..

bab ini pandai pula kau nak banding dengan singapore,bab korup?pendapatan perkapita?purata gaji?jenayah? tak nak banding ke?..

ardzulna said...

saudara bro kifli ...lu tahniah lu dah masuk dalam tong najis umno...siapa yang kurangkan suara umat islam di parlimen sekarang ??? bangang punya yb


saya rasa mk ada ni dalang asing yang ada agenda jahat di belakang mereka. elok sangat mereka disasat dengan rapi. pasti akan dapat sesuatu

Con Skaltsas said...

Selagi berita dikutip dari "cakap2 manusia" yg tak reliable, maka ia terbuka kepada fitnah aka huru hara. Regardless Utusan, Harakah, Malaysiakini..

Bukan semata2 masalah nama akhbar/portal, tapi jenis penulis yg "bertakung" dalam tu.

Baca mana2 laporan/tulisan pun sekarang kena nilai mana yg fakta, mana yg "buat2 cerita".

Lebih2 lagi akhir zaman - fitnah berleluasa.

"Hai orang-orang yang beriman, jika datang kepadamu orang fasik membawa suatu berita, maka periksalah dengan teliti agar kamu tidak menimpakan suatu musibah kepada suatu kaum tanpa mengetahui keadaannya yang menyebabkan kamu menyesal atas perbuatanmu itu." (al-Hujuraat: 6).

penareformasi said...

saya rasa jgn panggil dah zul nordin yb. Mungkin lebih sesuai jadi yang tak berhormat. Kot yer pun nak pertahankan kawan janganlah sampai nak guna ayat umno! "Kilang Fitnah". En zul nie dah masuk umno ker?. Terus terang saya pun mmg dah tak suka pada PKR, kalau dulu en zul join PAS mesti ramai akan sokong en zul. tapi tak, en zul sokong dasar umno. Saya nak cuba jugak baik-baik dgn umno tapi Umno tetap umno. Harapan hanya pada PAS ajalah, sebab PAS jelas matlamatnya. Islam No 1. Umno hingga hari nie tak sanggup announce Islama no 1. So En zul, next election jgn harap nak jadi calon lagi coz umno takkan pilih u. U kalau masuk umno secara rasmi dia orang takkan boleh lepak dgn u pergi karaoke dgn dangdut? :) so u jadilah ajalah lawyer yg bertaraf selebriti.

Sepatutnya, kalau betul u perjuangkan Islam! You keluar PKR u tetap neutral! Tak payah sokong Umno melainkan kalau Umno benar2 betul. Mana masuk akal Melayu lwn India you dgn Umno sokong India? di tempat yg Melayu majoriti besar? Maybe u sokong tok him kot! Dia mmglah orang dah tahu matlamat dia. Nak pastikan beliau mendapat sokongan kewangan dari BN. Tapi apa yang u dapat sokong India sorang nie? Hakikatnya! U bukan perjuang Islam, tetapi u guna Islam utk naikkan nama u konon-kononya u panglima perang! cuba u pakai serban pulak, baru nampak real sikit! apalah en zul nie... sedarlah dan insaflah! Kembalilah ke jalan Allah yg benar! Mohon ampun dan maaf kepada Allah! Jgn join PKR! Tetapi joinlah PAS! Kalau pas tak boleh nak terima u pun takpa (kerana itu keputusan politik) tetapi sekurang-kurangnya rakyat tahu yg u benar2 ikhlas dlm perjuangan. Semua rakyat tahu, yg sokong umno samada secara langsung atau tidak bukanlah pejuang yg tulen melainkan mereka yg ingin mendapatkan habuan dunia! Insaflah saudara! Masih belum terlambat!

PK said...

Gambaq2 YB dalam slaid bersama2 keadilan dan PR tu tolong buang laa... macam orang dah becerai tapi ada cintanya lagi..

steelbos said...

Salam YB,
Sejak dulu lagi malaysiakini suka dgn berita sensasi yg cuma 'hearsay'.Ana rasa anta pun tahu bkn baru2 ni kilang pitnah ni wujud!tp....ana rasa terkejut bila Dr. MAZA salah seorg yg menjadi penulis dlm portal tu!mmg bkn dia yg buat tp syubahah,subahat tu tak sama ker?

magn said...

entah apa nak jadi dengan kau zul.

dulu kau sendiri kata umno tu kafir(tolong jangan nafikan)

mana islam kau?
jangan nak menipu rakyat yg tidak kenal kau.org umno aku tak kisah,depa ni sekarang ni penyokong kuta hang.

Mohamed said...


Setakat membalas apa yg ditulis oleh saudara Shairon.

Kau tolong baca berulang kali apa yg aku tulis. Fahamkan dulu. Aku tulis "terpaksa bersetuju".

Lagipun respon aku ikut tajuk bukan perasaan. Ayuh kita debat secara ilmiah.

Kau confirm ke Singapore tak korup & takde kroni? Tak baca/tengok news ke? Buat analisa sikit.

Cuba selidik nama Teh Cheang Wan, menteri perumahan yg bunuh diri. Kenapa dia bunuh diri? lagi 1, Glen Knight, bekas kepala ACA (Anti corruption agency) kena tangkap rasuah. Banyak lagi kes rasuah, yg tertangkap maupun yg terlepas. cuma media sana kena control kaw2.

Aku ulangi media sana kena control kaw2. tak mcm malaysia, terlalu bebas sampai fitnah jadi perkara biasa.

Isu kroni pulak, PM singapore la ni siapa? Siapa pulak yg ketuai Singtel? Bukan semua tu anak LKY? itu bukan contoh kronisme ke?

Rakyat sana terjaga macamana yg kau maksudkan? pd aku lebih pd kena control kaw2 sampai tak berani tegur pemerintah. Kita kat sini lebih bebas tapi dah salahguna kebebasan!!!

Beb lu kaji dulu sebelum berbicara.

Bab kebersihan aku seriously puji Singapore. Aku harap kita boleh tiru dorang. Negara kafir tapi lebih suci bersih dari kita yg mengaku Islam. amacam boleh ikut tak dari segi kebersihan.

Tadi kau guna tandas awam ada flush tak?

Supar Yop said...

Pada saya, saya lebih melihat Malaysiakini terlalu condong pada DAP dan antimelayuan. Dia tetap sokong melayu tapi melayu yg lebih compliment pada cita2 dan gagasan mereka spt Nik Aziz, Anwar, Zaid , Khalid Samad, Nizar Jamaludin dan ysng seangkatan dgn pendirian mereka.

Mana yg liberal, yg menampakan anti DEB anti progranm tolong orang melayu itulah mereka sokong.

Parti 2 pro cina dlm BN spt Gerakan dan MCA teruk diorang hentam, sedangkan DAP apa kurangnya..Bila heboh isu gereja , portal ini lah mengapi - apikan sentimen agama antara Kristian dan Islam , sehingga mereka boleh disalahkan kalau jadi apa2 pergaduhan antara penganut kedua2 agama ini..

Kalau masuk isu Islam, paling kuat meeka sokong adalah melayu liberal mcm Khalid Samad.

Bila ada usaha nak menaikan Islam spt pengharaman arak di kawasan majoriti Islam spt yg dibuat oleh Dr Hassan Ali, diorang gasak cukup2..Kalau UM Melayu dikatakan anti cina maka elaoklah saya katakan Malaysiakini sbg anti melayu dan anti Islam. Bila dah DAP pegang MALAYSIA macam PAP genggam Singapura, barulah diorang puas hati, barulah negara ini ada semangat demokrasi tulin , multi - racial dan sbgnya. Masa tulah bermulanya zaman kehancuran melayu di Msia sebagaimana sedara mereka di S'pura

jade70 said...

U ada maruah ka Yang Bohong Zul?